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Primary Clinical Skills: Home

About this Guide

The Primary Clinical Skills (PCS) LibGuide allows students to easily access PCS materials or information that is available to students. The tabs in the navigation bar refer to the available information. Use the drop down arrow next to the tabs to navigate to additional resources such as videos, lab guides, textbooks, etc.  


Good luck to the OMS II class on your first OSCE this week!

PCS Technical Support

You can now use this email to reach PCS course support. Note, this is a separate address from the PCS Course Directors email. Use this link for concerns with SIM IQ, zoom, etc.

Sign Up Sheets

Please remember to review the PES availability calendar, then email Ms. Zorn to confirm and hold your PES time slot. 


ACOM Ashford Clinic

Diagnostic Equipment


  • Your equipment has a full student warranty.
  • Contact The Medical Store for any concerns with your equipment.

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Clinical Think Box

IMAGE CHALLENGE via The New England Journal of Medicine

An 82-year-old man presented to the emergency department with a 2-week history of generalized weakness and altered mental status. He was started on empiric treatment for meningitis, but he continued to have progressive neurologic decline with the development of seizures, and died 9 days later. Autopsy of the brain showed liquefactive necrosis. Microscopy is as shown. What is the diagnosis?  

Clink the link below to submit your answer and see if you are correct. 

Email ACOM PCS Course Directors

Attention: You can now email both PCS Course directors at once by clicking the above link, or typing ACOM PCS Course Directors” in to the “To” line of your email. Please start doing this so that Drs. Carter and Clemmons will all be aware of student concerns.

Week at a Glance - Year 1

Wednesday, October 20

8:00-8:50 am DSA: Intro to Vital Signs

11:00-11:50 am Intro to Diagnostic Equipment on Zoom

We highly recommend that you participate in this lecture LIVE so that you can see the lecturer demonstrating the equipment.

Please charge your equipment ahead of the lecture.

Thursday, October 21

1:00 – 4:50pm  Diagnostic Equipment Check and Vital Signs Practice in the OPP Lab.

Check Schedule in SeaMed for your scheduled time.

2 Question Quiz

Bring all of your equipment. Make sure that your diagnostic kit is charged. Make sure that your BP cuff is assembled.

Skills Lab Attire with N95.

We will practice vital signs. Make sure you’ve completed the Wednesday DSA!


Week at a Glance - Year 2

Monday, October 18

1:00-4:50 AM  SIM 9 – Check SEAMed for your assigned date, time, and location

Wednesday, October 20

8:00-11:50 AM  SIM 9 – Check SEAMed for your assigned date, time, and location

8:00-8:50 AM  DSA: Macleod’s Respiratory- Part 3

Thursday, October 21


Check Schedule in SeaMed for your scheduled time and full description. The discussion yesterday should be very helpful for your preparation.

Please note that a sample SOAP note and rubric are in SeaMED for yesterday’s encounter.

Good luck on your Respiratory exam Monday!

Reminder for Respiratory: Use Drs. G and Parker’s slides for asthma classification and treatment. Disregard anything in my IS that conflicts with theirs!!!

Same thing for anything regarding pathology/Dr. Alston’s lectures- for example radiation side effects/sequelae.

The course directors have looked over all my exam items to make sure there are no conflicts.


Suggestion Box

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