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Year 2 Course Resources: Fall 2023: OPP Lab

OPP 3: Lymphatic Module 1

Chapter 16:  Lymphatic Techniques:

Thoracic Inlet/Outlet Seated, "Steering Wheel" Direct or Indirect

Thoracic Region

  • Miller Thoracic (Lymphatic) Pump Male/Female Patient Variations
    • Make sure to release when patient inhales at the end of the technique as discussed in lab
  • Bilateral Pectoral Traction Pectoralis Major/Minor, Anterior Deltoid Myofascial Release/Lymphatic Emphasis
  • Thoracic Inlet/Outlet Release Direct Myofascial/Lymphatic Emphasis
    • Ex:  Right Thoracic Outlet, Hypertonicity
  • Unilateral Thoracic (Lymphatic) Pump Side Modification Method

Lower Extremity Region

  • Pedal Pump (Dalrymple Technique) Supine Method

Thoracoabdominal Region

  • Doming the Diaphragm

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