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Journal Clubs: Home

About Journal Clubs

A journal club is a group of clinicians and/or medical students who meet to discuss and critically evaluate articles in the medical literature.  Journal clubs have long been a part of medical education, including one that Sir William Osler founded in 1875.

The ultimate goal of a journal club is to review research and discuss implications for clinical practice.

Tips for Giving a Journal Club Presentation

A journal club presentation should mirror the structure of the article itself.

  • Start with the background and definitions.
    • Start with a clinical case if it is possible so you can hook the audience in and get them engaged.
      • Present the case in terms of PICO!
        • Patient/Problem
        • Intervention
        • Comparison
        • Outcome
    • Provide background information on the topic and tell what the article was trying to answer.
    • Define any terms that are necessary.  Don't assume the audience knows what everything means.
  • Review the methods.
    • Discuss the study design, validity, etc.
      • Is the study design appropriate for the research question?
      • Can the results of the study be translated to the general population?
      • Is there any bias?
    • Discuss the article's internal and external validity.
  • Look at the results.
    • Go over the results of the paper and any figures/tables.
    • Are the results statistically significant?
    • Are the results clinically significant?
  • Have a discussion.
    • Talk about the key findings and implementing them into clinical practice.
    • Ask questions of the audience:
      • Are there limitations to the study?
      • What are some practice implications?
      • How can the results be applied?
      • What additional questions does the study raise?

Prepare a short handout for the audience.

Tips for Participating in a Journal Club

  • Read the article(s) prior to the meeting.
  • Be prepared to discuss the article.
    • How does the article apply to your practice?
    • What are some limitations of the study?

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