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Copyright: Public Domain

The Public Domain

Public domain works are not restricted by copyright and do not require a license or fee to use.

Not Protected

  • Facts and Ideas
  • Works created by the federal government and federal employees working within the scope of their job
  • Work informational in nature with no original authorship
  • Works in the public domain

Open Access Journals

Open Access titles are still copyrighted materials either owned by the publisher or the author. You should treat them the same way as other materials.

Creative Commons

Creative Commons is designed to facilitate the sharing of materials, especially those on the Internet. The Creative Commons "contracts" allow you, the author, to retain copyright while giving permission to others to use the material for non-profit purposes.


Expired Copyright

Currently, the default term is life of the author plus 70 years.

  • All works published in the U.S. before 1923
  • All works published with a copyright notice from 1923 through 1963 without copyright renewal
  • All works published without a copyright notice from 1923 through 1977
  • All works published without a copyright notice from 1978 through March 1, 1989, and without subsequent registration within 5 years

Finding Public Domain Works

Public Domain 101

In the Public Domain

  • Copyright has expired
  • Copyright owner failed to follow renewal rules
  • Copyright owner deliberatly places the work in the Public Domain
  • The type of work is not protected

Principles of Osteopathy

Legal Disclaimer

The advice and information on copyrighted materials provided by the library is not intended to substitute for and is in no way legal advice.

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