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3D Printing Guide: Home

How to utilize the Learning Resource Center 3D printer. Includes direction on obtaining files for print and the procedures for requesting a print.

How 3D Printing Can Make A Difference

The 3D Printing Process

3D printers have the capability to take a 3D drawing rendered on a computer and extrude a plastic filament to "print" an object.  The ACOM Learning Resource Center (LRC) has a 3D printer available for educational requests by students, faculty, and staff. 

A 3D object should first be selected to print. Free designs are available online (some links are available in this libguide), or can be created with the appropriate software.

Once an object/model is found, it should be exported as a .stl file on a flash drive to provide to the LRC, or emailed to The LRC may need help preparing the requested print by asking questions about preferences in regards to dimensions, infill, supports, etc. 

After an object is finished printing, it may need finishing touches. Support material may need to be removed, typically with needle-nose pliers and/or an edge cutter. Sandpaper can be used to smooth out rough edges, or paint added to give it the final, desired appearance.

For more information, read about 3D printing here.

LRC 3D Printer Facts

Below are some quick facts regarding the LRC 3D Printer. For more information, check out the rest of this LibGuide!

  • Printer: Creality CR-10 S5
  • Print bed dimensions: 500x500x500mm (Approximately 19x19x19in)
  • Type of print material: Currently our machine only uses PLA (poly lactic acid), a strong starch-based plastic material.
  • PLA colors available: White, black, wood (brown), marble (white with black specs), skin (muted pink), rainbow.
    Acrylic paint may also be used on models.
  • File type accepted: .stl
  • Print resolution: max 0.2mm per layer.
  • Cost: There is currently no charge for educational prints, however, future charges may apply as needs and materials increase.
  • Support material: Will be generated and printed by our software if needed for things like large overhangs or parts of your object above the print bed with nothing underneath.  May be removed with pliers, etc. to reveal your final product.

Need help?

Chat with an ACOM Librarian

Your ACOM librarians are generally on chat from 8 to 4 Monday thru Friday, but we live on email on every device we have. It is kinda sad really. So do email us if we aren’t on chat!

Need help? Ask a librarian! Contact us by phone, email, or drop by the library.

Phone:  (334) 699-2266 ext. 4242

Inside ACOM, just dial 4242.

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